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Jim Light Woodcrafts and Jim Light Designs

wooden & acrylic jewellery, wooden novelties, miniatures


We can carry out commissions, please contact us for a no obligation free quotation.

This is a 1/12th scale painting of a customers pet dog. We were asked to glaze and frame it. The pound coin gives an idea of the size.

A recent commission for Mr P of Chard, Somerset was for a set of 9 cord pulls. We attended a craft fair in Wells where we were approached for a quotation. They were for blinds in a conservatory and as they were close together they had to match, light oak was requested to match the furniture in place. As we do not possess a copy lathe we hand turned 12, picked out the closest 9, gave another 1 as a spare and sold the other 2. (We later had an e-mail saying how pleased they were, which is very nice!)

Another commission was from a fair when a Brown Owl wanted to buy an owl badge for herself and the other 4 Brown Owls in her group, and asked if we could put individual names on for her. As you can see, the answer was yes! We saw the lady at another fair in Sidmouth and she made a point of saying her presents were very well received and how pleased everyone was with them, (feedback like this also makes us very pleased!)

I did a fair with a lady who makes wedding cheesecakes and she bought some of my wooden mice. She asked if I could make some with a veil and top hat and here they are!

Not strictly a commission, a lady got talking at a fair about her deceased husbands wood collection and took one of my business cards. Some time later she rang and asked if I could make use of the timber. I went to see her and took away a quantity of wood. She wanted it to be used and not thrown away or burnt. Whilst the wood wouldn't have been of interest to a cabinet maker because of extensive screw and nail holes, it was of interest to me because I make a lot of small items. I asked if she would like some money for the wood and she said she would like to have something made from it. I agreed and from the nicest figure and widest plank I turned these 3 dishes, one for the lady and one for each of her daughters. On the back I pyrographed a message that they had been made in memory of her husband / father and from his mahogany.

A customer who has an old Rover car was looking at my clocks. He asked if I could turn a surround and body for him to replace the old clock which didn't work with a new quartz clock. I said I could and he produced a very detailed drawing with very exact sizes. Because I had to go thin in places I chose boxwood which will hold detail well and because it's so close grained it provides strength. I also turned the wooden "buttons" in the photo to cover screw holes of where something had been before. My customer stained the wood to match the dashboard (I provided him with some scrap pieces for him to experiment with) and these photo's show the finished result. Peter, the cars owner, and myself are pleased with the way it all worked out. Thanks for the photo's Peter, and for saying I was welcome to put them on the website, it's always nice to see the end result!